Sunday, July 12, 2009

Wrestling with Theology

Today I had a theological issue. Do infants/children who are not able to choose Christ as they are not old enough/aware enough go to heaven or hell.

Husband says that they go to hell. I find that disturbing, surely God is gracious enough that He will make allowances for the youth of the people and let them into heaven.

But I have no bible verse to back up my theory. Neither does Husband, but it means that is it is the black hole, things God has not explicitly mentioned in His word.

I was speaking to some mature Christians, Voltron and Sarah about this. As Voltron is a trainee pastor and Sarah I trust with her maturity and insight, I thought that they would be able to hash it out with me.

And speaking with them gave me clarity. Yes, there is no bible verse that points one way or another to the salvation of infants, but with a systematic reading of the Scriptures, it shows that God equally Just and Merciful. He does show mercy to people who do not deserve it, so it stands to reason that He would show mercy to those who are not capable of making a decision for Christ.

It is hard to be able to articulate such complex thoughts, I find that through discussion I am much more able to develop and articulate my thoughts rather than trying to describe off the cuff. I can only hope I keep thinking and praying about such issues and develop my understanding of God and how He interacts with His world.

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