Saturday, July 4, 2009


I admit it, I am a list person.

I love lists.

Shopping lists, things to do, things to ask the doctor and the list goes on :)

It probably stems from my wish to be organised and works, most of the time.

Like my wedding, now that was an achievement in organisation, not obsessive, or bridezilla-y, but organised so that I knew what was happening. And it worked, it was a wonderful day, not perfect, but wonderful in everyway.

I have learned, if I do not write lists I forget things. Especially at the grocery shops, I will forget what I am going for and get a basketload of things that I didn't really need.

I am sure that Husband thinks I am a little bit controlling, but, thankfully I am letting go of some things. Marriage is like that, God uses it for His purposes, to change us into His image. And God willing, I am becoming just a little more Christ-like each day

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