Saturday, July 11, 2009

Birthday Surprises

It is Husband's birthday soon. And I have had up my sleeve a surprise for him. I had some glamour shots taken, and framed. That is part of his present, some photos that will remind him how very much I want to be beautiful for him.

I went into the shop, quite apprehensive as I did not want the ladies there to think that because the photos are for my husband, I wanted to look slutty. But at least I could stand my ground and just ask for some classy photos. And if I may say so, they do look rather good.

The other part of his present is a computer game "The Conduit". Yes, Husband is a gamer. He spends a lot of time playing computer games, well, to each his own.

So I am looking forward to Husband's birthday. I love surprising him and I love that I get to spend one more year with the love of my life.

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