Friday, July 10, 2009

I wish we could talk about sex more openly. Not just lots of sexual jokes and innuendo like general society, but really talk. How hard it can be to fit the right priorities into life and how wonderful it can be to share your life and everything with one person.

It would be nice to be able to share how good Husband is as well :)

I must admit I am a very person and it is hard for me to share even normal everyday things with people, even people I know well. The only people I can share totally with are Husband and Sarah. Them I love with my whole heart and trust them completely.

But I do talk to Husband, the truly right and proper person to talk to about such things. I did not think I would be able to lose my inhibitions so completely around him, but with him I feel cherished and safe. I love making love to him and there is nothing I would rather do most days.

But some days I feel like there is nothing he could possibly do to turn me on. Those are the days that I need to remember why God instituted sex. Yes, for pleasure, but also so that we could become less selfish and take care of the needs of our spouse. It is those times that I think I will get the most from, the times that I need to work to be attracted to the man I love, but annoyed me earlier in the day. God is gracious enough to let us learn from all circumstances, if we so choose.

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