Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Heart for Home by Lauraine Snelling

Photobucket“A Heart for Home” by Lauraine Snelling is a fabulous addition to the Red River Valley series. The third book in the “Home to Blessing” series and the 16th following the Bjorkland family.
It seems that no matter how much is written about this family there is always something new and interesting.  I usually find making a series too long makes it contrived and forced, however, this new book seems fresh and new.
Astrid Bjorkland, the youngest child of Hakaan and Ingeborg Bjorkland, is finally a doctor and goes to the local Indian reservation to assist with a measles epidemic. At the end of the last book, Astrid’s love interest, Joshua Landsverk gives her an order – don’t go to the reservation, which causes their break-up. Will they get back together, will Astrid find someone who can understand her passion for being a doctor, or will she remain single for the sake of her calling?
I love Snelling’s writing style, and characters. I must admit, her characters are well developed over the series and any of the books would be able to be read as a standalone book.
“A Heart for Home” not only follows a story line, but explores the character’s spiritual lives as well.  This is one great positive for Snelling’s books, no only are they well written and a pleasurable read, they discuss important spiritual truths.
This book, as well as Snelling’s other works are a definite must-read for anyone who enjoys romantic or historical fiction.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

PTC course

I am working my way through the PTC course.
It is weird, I am trying to get my brain working again. I haven't studied for ages.

But I am learning.

I am loving learning.

I have learned a new methodology for reading and understanding what the bible says.
And we are only up to Genesis 11.

We have seven more weeks, and I will try to write down my reflections on what I am learning each week....but at the moment I am really truly crazy busy at the moment.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp

"This book is the most gorgeous thing I've ever read. Ever. Ann Voskamp weaves the sacred and ordinary into a tapestry of grace. And each beautiful word is a thread that binds our hearts closer to God's so He can fill our hollow places with joy. This book is the real gift--one that will stay with you and keep blessing your life long after you've read the last page." --Holley Gerth, editorial director, DaySpring

I have read Ann's blog A Holy Experience for ages, and when I heard she had written a book, I was intrigued.

I waited until my local Koorong had a copy, and I went in and bought it straight away.

And I am so glad I did.

This book is a gift from God.

Through terrible pain and tragedy, Ann asks, "How can a good God..."
And, the answer is: Thanksgiving

Ann's word for it is eucharisteo.

I now find eucharisteo everywhere.

Ann was challenged by a friend to write one thousand gifts from God down. And through the journey of finding them, Ann found her life transformed. In thanksgiving, she found a new way to love God, and experience His grace.

Through her book, I have found that I am not thankful enough. I glibly skim over the many beautiful and precious gifts that God so freely gives.

So I am starting my own list, and giving thanks to God.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I didn't sign on for this....

I am feeling awful. Fat, tired and just plain sick of everything.

Husband is working 7 days a week, Rona and I barely get to see him. He wont be around much for months.

Rona is having issues with her intestines, and this can make her unhappy.

We are going through a tough patch with money.

I have run out of patience.

God seems so far away.

I am working on a bible course with people at church. I think my brains have gotten lost somewhere....

It's days like this, I want to quit.

Don't worry, I don't want to die, I know what that feels like, and I definitely don't.
I just want a break, to not have so much responsibility, to have my husband around more than occasionally, to have my depression actually under control, to be able to be a good mother.

I don't know why I am feeling this way, I just am.

So......now I need to go and pray.
And sleep.

And hope tomorrow will be better.

Monday, March 21, 2011

The Sydney Harbour Bridge

Okay, it is one of the most iconic parts of Australia. If you think of Sydney, Australia, you will most likely think of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House.

I have lived in the Sydney Basin all my life, and yet I have never crossed the Sydney Harbour Bridge by car or foot.

I have crossed it by train, on the way to a school excursion, but never otherwise. Part of the reason is, if I wanted to get to the north of Sydney from home, the most direct route would never take me across the bridge.

But I got to cross it the other day! And Rona, of course, was with me, so we got to experience a first together.


Coming up to the bridge


And about to go over it!

I know it is kind of a silly thing to be excited by, but it is something that I have been meaning to do for a decade.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Rona's adventures - part 3

The day after our adventure at the Art Gallery, Husband was working. He rang at 1:30 and said he was done for the day, did Rona and I want to come into the city and see the Shark exhibition at the Maritime Museum

So, Rona and I grabbed a few bits and pieces and flew out the front door. I had to drive into the city, at least an hour's drive (about 60kms or just over 37 miles).

We then met Husband at his workplace and walked to the museum (1km or 1100 yards).


The lighting was terrible in there....


Humungous jaws!


Awww... Husband carried Rona through the exhibition in the Ergo baby carrier


Poor Rona was terrified of the shark-proof chain mail glove :(


And finally, in the shop, there was the cutest sailor hat!

We had a great time, it was so nice to finally spend some time with Husband. Husband has a passion for sharks, and he had wanted to go for the past couple of months and we finally go to go on the last day of the exhibit.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Rona's adventures - part 2

While at the Art Gallery, we also saw the Art Express exhibition

This exhibition features the best major art works from the HSC. In NSW, Australia, the HSC is the equivalent of SATs or International Baccalaureate.

I love seeing the art works from Art Express, they are so creative and varied in theme, media and meaning.


Rona, my Dad and Daniel liked the art works, but I really loved it. My favourite was this one


If you want to see more of the artworks click here

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Rona's adventures

This past weekend, my Dad, my brother Daniel, Rona and I went into the city, to see an exhibit of the Terracotta Warriors. I have wanted to see them for ages, and Husband has been working 7 days a week all year, so I organised to go with my Dad and brother.


That is my beautiful family on the steps of the NSW Art Gallery


This is the only Chinese statue that I was allowed to take a photo of


What wonderful horses!


And this man, so wonderful!

We had a great time, it was quite crowded, but you get that.

They had not only the warriors, but also other artifacts. I loved the waterbirds, a heron, and two swans that are made of bronze that were made for a garden for the Emperor, so he could enjoy it in the afterlife.

Rona seemed to enjoy it, loved talking to the people while we were waiting in line. And funnily enough, she paid the most attention to a suit of armour that was in the exhibit than anything else.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

What a great site

I am addicted to Post Secret

I love the bravery and the honesty, and I look forward to the new posts every Sunday

Friday, March 11, 2011

A confession

I have a confession to make...

I am addicted to buying stationery! I manage my addiction by avoiding stationery shops as much as possible.
But last Thursday, I went into a new one at my local shops, called Typo.

It is a beautiful shop, and I wanted to buy heaps in the shop, but I restrained myself and bought a book and these gorgeous pens


Now, that will have to satisfy my addiction for the moment :)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Rona's Party - part 3

I have finished Rona's shirt for her party!


And here is a gorgeous close up.....


I LOVE the buttons

Monday, March 7, 2011

Preliminary Theological Certificate

My church and other churches in my area are organising people to enrol and work as a group towards their PTC (Preliminary Theological Certificate).

I have enrolled.... I must admit I am a bit nervous, I haven't done any study since the end of '04.

And I have a baby......

But I am looking forward to studying again. I am looking forward to learning more about God, and how He works in our world.

So, wish me luck.... I will keep you posted on my progress

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Rona's Party - part 2

Well, I have finally finished the 45 felt birds, I am reasonably happy with them.

I have started working out what type of decorations I want around, but nothing made so far.

I am working on a t-shirt for Rona to wear for the party, a pink t-shirt with the number one made out of buttons.... it is hard to explain, but I will finish it and post photos soon.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

A bit of Goopiness!

Okay, so normally I don't just post things that people email to me, but I thought that this is timely for me.

To realize
The value of a sister/brother
Ask someone
Who doesn't have one.

To realize
The value of ten years:
Ask a newly
Divorced couple.

To realize
The value of four years:
Ask a graduate.

To realize
The value of one year:
Ask a student who
Has failed a final exam.

To realize
The value of nine months:
Ask a mother who gave birth to a stillborn.

To realize
The value of one month:
Ask a mother
Who has given birth to a premature baby.

To realize
The value of one minute:
Ask a person
Who has missed the train, bus or plane.

To realize
The value of one-second:
Ask a person
Who has survived an accident.

Time waits for no one.
Treasure every moment you have.

You will treasure it even more when
You can share it with someone special.

To realize the value of a friend or family member:

Remember ...
Hold on tight to the ones you love!

Never look down on anybody, unless you're helping them up.

Source Unknown

Tuesday, March 1, 2011