Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Heart for Home by Lauraine Snelling

Photobucket“A Heart for Home” by Lauraine Snelling is a fabulous addition to the Red River Valley series. The third book in the “Home to Blessing” series and the 16th following the Bjorkland family.
It seems that no matter how much is written about this family there is always something new and interesting.  I usually find making a series too long makes it contrived and forced, however, this new book seems fresh and new.
Astrid Bjorkland, the youngest child of Hakaan and Ingeborg Bjorkland, is finally a doctor and goes to the local Indian reservation to assist with a measles epidemic. At the end of the last book, Astrid’s love interest, Joshua Landsverk gives her an order – don’t go to the reservation, which causes their break-up. Will they get back together, will Astrid find someone who can understand her passion for being a doctor, or will she remain single for the sake of her calling?
I love Snelling’s writing style, and characters. I must admit, her characters are well developed over the series and any of the books would be able to be read as a standalone book.
“A Heart for Home” not only follows a story line, but explores the character’s spiritual lives as well.  This is one great positive for Snelling’s books, no only are they well written and a pleasurable read, they discuss important spiritual truths.
This book, as well as Snelling’s other works are a definite must-read for anyone who enjoys romantic or historical fiction.

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