Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The wedding

Angelica and Wittle's wedding was a great day. It was long and Rona had had enough by the end of it, but it went off better than I had thought.

It started at 7, when we got up, my parents picked us up at 8, then we went to get ready for the wedding. Husband was at his parent's place and I was at Angelica's house.

There I got my hair done, my makeup done, got dressed while my parents and I cared for Rona.

Then there were the cars, Grace (Deanne and William's daughter) ended up with my parents because both Deanne and William were attendants and had no one to take care of Grace.

Vintage cars are beautiful, but they have no air conditioning and it got very hot. But they were so beautiful it was worth it.

The church was Catholic, I had never been to a Catholic service, so it was a different experience. The priest was nice, and the service wasn't too long. The flowers at the altar fell over during the service, so Angelica asked me to pick them up, but they wouldn't stay upright so I had to leave them.

The photos were long, but I think they will turn out well. By the end of the photos Rona and Grace had had enough.

By the time the reception had gotten under way, Rona was totally over the reception, the noise and the people. She was tired, but she was still well behaved. We ended up leaving at 10ish, which I thought was a good effort on Rona's part.

The cake was beautiful looking with these figurines on top


And these were the flowers


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