Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Church is a messy, sanctifying entity.

Growing up, I went to an Anglican church. It was a little conservative, but the people love the Lord and taught me to love Him too.

When I was a teen, there were no teens in the church I grew up in, so I moved to a Churches of Christ church (not the cult!). These people were passionate, charismatic and taught me more about the Holy Spirit than I had known before. I found that while it was great while I was an impassioned teen, but once I wanted more "meat" than "milk", it was time to move on.

I then went to an Anglican church once I had been married, it was the friendliest church I have ever been to. The congregation just reaches out and accepts new people in, I love how intentional and natural the hospitality is. The minister taught well and deeply. While not so Charismatic, it was a church where faith is felt deeply and lived truly.

And now I am back at my childhood church, as we moved 2 years into marriage. I have found I don't quite fit and things are a little awkward, but the teaching is good. While the last church I fit in automatically I need to work in this church.

Church is messy as we are all fallen beings, but fantastic as we all have the love that flows from the One who loved us first.

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