Friday, October 22, 2010

The minister at church

The church that Husband, Rona and I attend, we have only really been going to this church for about 6 months, well, it is going through some turbulent times.

The minister has been there for about a year and a half, he is a new minister and as such... he hasn't really learned tact. While his passion and vision is fantastic, he cannot abide questioning on his methods or direction.

So many have left the church because this change over has been so tough. It has made our entering the church harder, as people, especially people who are our age are leaving.

We are going to stick with it, and pray that the church will be unified once more and that Husband, Rona and I will fit in somewhere soon.

I sometimes wonder what to do......
*Ministers are meant to be the leaders of their churches
*The bible says to test everything that is being taught so that we are not lead astray by false teaching
*The bible also says that God puts those in authority who He chooses, so leaders are there by divine will
*Does that mean I can point out when the minister does not use tact when he should, or ask him about why he sees the church heading in a particular direction?

Or I should just follow?

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