Sunday, October 24, 2010


Rona is so very hungry at the moment, she will feed every 2 hours at the moment, so I have decided that it is time to feed her solids.

I have been fighting this decision for a long time, Rona has been tracking food for a month and reaching for the food for about that long too. I have been trying to wait for her 6 month birthday, but I gave in today.

Today for a couple of reasons;
- because Husband is home during the day, when he works 6 days a week normally
- because she is terribly hungry today

We ended up feeding her some Rice Cereal and some banana.
She pulled a few interesting faces, but she seemed to really like the foods, we will see how she goes tomorrow, I will try feeding her a tablespoon or two worth (today was just an experiment and I have no idea how much she actually swallowed versus spread everywhere).

My baby is growing up!

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