Thursday, October 14, 2010

Rona's first outing to the City

My mum, dad, Great-Nana, Rebecca, Ruth, Samuel, Charlotte, Ryan, Rona and myself all went into the city. We were going to see the Jeannie Baker exhibition at the Museum of Sydney.

First we caught the train, and here is my beautiful photo of the train lines map. This was Rona's first train trip!

We then went to the State library and Botanical Gardens, then we arrived at the Museum of Sydney


It was somewhere we had never been before, it was Rona's first museum visit, and to tell you the truth I had forgotten it existed. We loved the Jeannie Baker Mirror Exhibition


Outside (as I am not allowed to take photos inside)
This is an artwork called Edge of the Trees, it is very tactile.

Then after that, we went home again, it was a full day.

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