Thursday, September 2, 2010

Society, body image and becoming counter-cultural

First, here are some articles on the subject, food for thought

What can happen to sexualised girls, and how to prevent it
Too much, too young? Retailers still selling over-sexualised clothing to kids
Body & Mind: Your Mirror Image?
Bratz V. Barbie: Are Our Little Girls Growing Up Too Fast?

I have been thinking, the best way to get Rona to be counter-culture is to surround her with women who strongly demonstrate good body image and strong Christian values.

One of the best ways is for me to demonstrate these qualities. I need to work on my body image, I personally struggle with society's expectations towards women and how best to work this out in my life.

Obviously, a relationship for Rona with God, is the most important thing for her life, in this area or any other.

I just pray that God will give me wisdom in guiding Rona through this and many other minefields.

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