Monday, September 6, 2010

A day in the life

I thought for the fun of it, I would record everything I do in a day.... so here goes:

Fed Rona
Got Dressed
Changed Rona's nappy and clothes
Ate Breakfast
Cleaned teeth
Played with Rona
Did the dishes
Put a load of nappies on to wash
calmed Rona
Made bed
Hung up washing
Turned Laptop on and checked emails
Put on another load of washing
Changed Rona's nappy
Sang to Rona
Hung up the load of laundry
Put away dried dishes
Took food out of freezer for dinner
Fed Rona
Settled Rona
Sat down for a couple of minutes
Started this post
Got Rona up (she doesn't sleep long during the day)
Changed Rona's nappy
played with Rona
Got the dry laundry down from the line
Folded said laundry
Put the laundry away
Ate lunch
Wrote shopping list
read a couple of pages of the Lord of the Rings to Rona
Settled Rona
Wrote email to Husband
Got Rona up and changed nappy
Kept Rona happy as she was still tired but would not sleep
Fed Rona
Put Rona in the baby swing to keep her calm
Changed her nappy again
Checked some websites
Started dinner
Washed more dishes
Took laundry down
Folded laundry
Put laundry away
Served dinner to Husband
Ate dinner
Sat down for a couple of minutes
Had a shower
Fed Rona
Changed her nappy
Settled Rona
Watched TV
Go to sleep

I think I have left some stuff out, but that is the essence of a "restful" stay at home day

And I wonder why I am so tired :/

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