Monday, June 22, 2009

How we met

I should probably say where and when I met Husband.

We met over the Internet.... yes, cliche, I know. I was actually on a dating site, had put up a profile because I was bored one day and promptly forgot about it.

A few months later, Feb '05, I got an email from Husband, introducing himself. We emailed for 4 months, talking about pretty much everything. Then we decided to meet. Sarah and Voltron offered their house as a good meeting place as you can never be to careful meeting people from the internet.

So it was on. The night before the meeting I got an email from Husband saying his grandfather had died, but he would still be coming. Then I got an SMS from him half an hour before we were meant to meet, saying he was running late. Great. My pet peeve. Lateness.

But I was too nervous to really care. When he rang the doorbell, Sarah went to get the door and I pretended to run out the back, which Voltron thought I was serious about and tried to stop me. Then I met Husband in person for the first time.

We spent the night like stunned mullets, not knowing what to do or say, so it is just as well that Sarah and Voltron were there. We ate dinner and played Brainiac, I think. Voltron is a teasing kind of person and was telling Husband to stay away from me (he was on the other side of the loungeroom) as I had "poisonous tentacles". Then Husband referred to my hair as "Medusa Hair". I thought it was funny. But Husband confided to me later (much later) that he thought he had blown it with me. Thankfully I have a better sense of humour than that.

So I walked Husband out to his car, and he asked to meet up again, to see a movie, which I agreed to.

And the rest is history....

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