Sunday, June 28, 2009

Future of Jesus

The Future of Jesus
Dr Peter Jensen
2nd Edition, Matthias Media, 2008.

The Future of Jesus by Peter Jensen discusses one question: Does Jesus have a future in our society?

This book is based on the 2005 Boyer Lectures by Dr Peter Jensen, featured on the ABC National Radio. “I wonder how the future of Jesus and the future of our civilization will intersect” Jensen speculates. Through seven chapters, the ideas that Western society use to minimalise or marginalize Jesus and Christianity are reviewed and discussed.

Many arguments against Jesus, Dr Jensen recognizes, is a reflection of the damage that churches have done by failing to live up to Christ’s example. Rather than an argument for a return to the institution of the traditional “Church”, he is critical of institutional churches, despite heading the largest Anglican diocese in Australia. He states: “Traditional Christendom my have collapsed and the denominations may be weak, but individual churches, congregations and communities are still there in their thousands in Australia, and they still intend to provide us with a family that transcends and enriches our personal families. As long as that experience continues to be available, the Christian faith retains a powerful presence.”

Instead, Dr Jensen’s aim is “to inspire a widespread, adult reading of the New Testament Gospels” so that his readers will “see what a surprising man Jesus was … and whether Jesus can speak with something like his old power about central cultural issues such as personal freedom, human relationships and the future of our country”.

A short book, at 127 pages, The Future of Jesus is an intelligent and well written discussion of the issues that Western society as a whole, as well as many individuals have with the person of Jesus. This book is a fantastic resource for those who are seeking Jesus, and an important and stirring read for those who have already found Him.

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