Thursday, June 25, 2009


I am having some time off from work. My anxiety and depression has gotten so bad that I cannot work properly, so I am having 2 weeks off. I am counting the days I still have to work, now only one to go!

That gives me 2 weeks to have the medication that the doctor gave me to work. And to see the psychologist to get myself sorted out.

Grant, my boss, seems to be understanding, but I don't know if it is my depression filter, or if I am hearing correctly, I think he expects for everything to return to normal when I get back. I hope it will, but I think it is a faulty assumption. I may need more time off or something... I hate letting him down, we have worked together for over 5 and a half years and we have a close relationship. Joan is going to have to take over my work, and I am sorry, but I cannot help it.

Husband is wonderful and supportive. He still doesn't understand but he is learning.

I am looking forward to 2 weeks of rest and recovery.

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