Friday, October 7, 2011

You know you're a mum when

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There are so many good points to being a mum, but here are some of the odd-er ones

You know you're a mum when:
*you rock the trolley/ pram when there is no one in it
*you say sorry when you drop/step on stuffed animals
*you can sing nursery rhymes in the doctor's waiting room without being embarassed
*realise half way to your destination that you have been listening to children's music.... with no children in the car
*You are "introduced" to other kids when your baby "makes friends" with kids on public transport
*You say things like: What have I said about licking DVDs?
*When you are super excited to get to go to a petting farm with DD, or spend the whole day talking about what you are doing/what you can see... and get strange looks from people as you pass them by

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