Monday, October 17, 2011

Yet another Rona post

I thought I would put in what milestones Rona is up to at the moment, as I had to work out what they all were for the child health nurse visit.

At the moment, Rona is 12.4kgs (and she was 10kg at 6 months) and 82 cms tall.

She knows over 200 words (and more everyday, it seems)
She can climb up stairs with one or both hands held, can get up stairs by crawling, down stairs with hands held.
She speaks two or three word sentences frequently.
Seats herself (will even climb up on lounge etc)
Builds towers of up to 13 blocks
Has great problem solving skills (works out houw to open doors, get things out of where she should not be able to get them etc)
Follows directions (when she wants to LOL)

She has also started to play with other children, instead of just parallel playing.

I love seeing how much she has achieved, she is a real little girl now, rather than a baby.

now I just have to teach her not to paint on tables :)

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