Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Pinterest crafty project

 I recently found this wonderful idea on Pinterest

I thought it was just so lovely, very crafty and would be so easy to re-jig whenever the mood hit.

It was also a perfect idea to decorate the plain wall in the bathroom, where there is very little colour (except for Rona's bath toys).

So I bought some embroidery hoops from an op shop (thrift store) for a very reasonable price, I think $4?

Then I went through my fabric stash, which I did have a little bit of trouble finding appropriate material, as I keep delving into my stash for all my projects.

Then, when Rona was at my mum's place for a couple of hours, I went to work.

And the result was this
 So, what do you all think?


  1. crazy fabulous! love that you got your hoops from an "op shop". reusing is fiscally and environmentally wonderful. very very fun and I bet miss rona adores having extra color on the walls too. so much to gab about now :)