Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Work around the house

A while ago I bought some vinyl wall art for my house.

I have already put up one in Rona's room here

And I had bought another one from Etsy and hadn't put it up yet...

So, I bit the bullet and did it by myself (I had been hoping that Husband would help me, but he is too busy)

So, I started by making sure that a line was level and at the right height


And started sticking it all on

And here it is all stuck on, with the backing plastic on


and then all done and dusted


I LOVE it! It makes my day whenever I look at it

Now, to convince Husband to put up a cupboard that has been waiting for 8 months...


  1. What a beautiful scripture... I love that you have it on your wall! What a wonderful reminder every day... that is awesome!