Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Tuesday (Ten)


Here is a fun linky party

{one} at the moment I am reading How To Multiply Your Baby's Intelligence by Glenn Doman

It is an interesting book so far, not sure that I would do everything written, but it is definitely food for thought

{two} it is winter over here in Australia, which means that Rona and I are inside most of the time. Our favourite game at the moment is rolling around on my bed (it gets quite messy).

                                        {three} I would really love to do this project

It is a beautiful book strap from How About Orange

I really would love this to carry books around.... ah so many projects, so little time!

{four} I have taken Rona and her cousin Grace to Featherdale Wildlife Park and they had a great time, and ended up totally covered in mud as it was rainy when we went
Aren't they the cutest thing ever?!?!

{five} Husband is now on leave for 6 weeks! It is lovely having him home with us

{six} I have been asked to do the church newsletter..... I am not sure if I should do it....

{seven} Wittle, Husband's brother has torn his anterior cruciate ligament while playing soccer, which is not good, what is worse is that Angelica, his wife is 6 months pregnant... hopefully he will be on the mend soon and be much better when the baby comes

{eight} I have joined Pinterest, it is so much fun! Come see my boards here

 {nine} Come over here and see a Moon Sand Recipe!

{ten}   I am so excited about the new Jane Eyre movie coming out in August..... now I only have to convince Husband to take me :)


  1. Love the moon sand posts - I am definitely going to have to try that with my little guy - I think he would love it!

    I am quite addicted to Pinterest too though I rarely get on for that only reason. I can easily waste the day away there.

    Totally love the book band - that is such a neat project. I adore the fabric that were used too! I am with you though on the too many projects....I sometimes have to stop looking for that sheer reason.

    Thanks so much for linking your Tuesday Ten - I greatly appreciate it and love reading everyone's posts! Hope you have a fabulous week! ~ Stephanie Lynn