Tuesday, June 28, 2011

MonkiSee Action Words DVD

I was recently privileged to receive a copy of the MonkiSee Action Words DVD so that I could review it.

I have a daughter 14 months, and I found the DVD a little old for her, but she still loved it.

The DVD had big words in red, with an arrow going across left to right to show what direction we read.

Olivia the presenter and Skip and Howie the monkeys were delightful, and kept Rona enthralled throughout the DVD.

The video clips to show what the word meant were very cheerful and displayed the meaning of the words very well.

The song that had all the action words in it, was repetitive and had the lyrics clearly displayed.

This is a fantastic DVD, one that Rona and I will enjoy watching again and again. I rate this DVD a 9/10.

Thank you to MonkiSee

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