Monday, April 11, 2011

Rona's reading skills

Okay, so, no Rona cannot read. But she does love books. And while at her Granny's house (my Mum who is a teacher) she found these folders, which are filled with magnets.


She loves to pull the magnets off, and hand them to me. I read the words to her as she handed me the magnets.

I think it is a wonderful thing to enjoy reading. I know I do. One of the best memories of my Dad when I was little is when he read "Blinky Bill" to me.
It is a powerful thing to try to instill the love of reading in a child. I am trying to do this with Rona.

No, I wasn't really trying to teach her anything while playing with magnets, but you never know when/how you are going to teach a child something.

Rona and I read everyday, not always as much as I would like, but we read. I hope that my baby will grow up to love reading, as I do.

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