Sunday, April 3, 2011

Rona's first craft fair

I love craft fairs, looking at all the things you can make and buy. I rarely buy things, but go as often as I can.

There was one lately and Mum and I decided to go. So, of course, Rona came too.
She was cranky too, she is working on her pre-molar teeth (4 months early, at least) and so was not very happy that day.
Rona loved all the beads, but cried when I wouldn't let her touch them.
However, we did end up having a happy time (mostly).

Mum got some beads for something she is making and I bought a cross stitch to make for Louise, and a cot panel to do later.

And there was a photo cut-out thing, so we had a go of getting Rona to look through it.

The trick was trying to get her to look ahead

Isn't she cute?

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