Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Hospitality, a wonderful spiritual gift.

One, unfortunately, I do not have. I must admit I covet this gift, because most of the time, I resent guests, they take time away from things I would rather do, in my head they spend the time judging me and my house.... it just isn't good.

But I have learnt hospitality (to a degree).

I learnt this from my mother, who also doesn't have the gift.
She taught me:
*even if the house isn't perfect, that is okay, because the guests are here to see you, not your house
*provide food/drinks that will make your guest feel welcome (i.e. making perculator coffee)
*do it all out of love

So, I am practicing, slowly, to be hospitable, and praying that one day, I will have the gift.

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