Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What I am working on - part three

Yet another project I am working on is a pettiskirt for Rona.

I was a little intimidated thinking about trying it, so I ordered a kit from Dream Spun Kids.

Now, I started off with a piece of chiffon 5.5 yards by 60 inches (now I am in Australia so that was confusing, but it is 502 cms by 152 cms).
Then I cut it into 5 and 2 inch strips, ending up with:
* 16 5 inch strips totalling 2438cms in length
* 36 2 inch strips totalling 5486cms in length

Now.... can you say argh!?!?!

Now, to sew those into each of the tiers.....

And that is where I am up to.... I will post once I finish the skirt, it all depends on when I can sew after Rona goes to bed.


The large amount of chiffon I am working on :)


The lovely, in detail instructions from Dream Spun Kids

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