Saturday, November 13, 2010

30 days of giving - Voice of the Martyrs

I almost got a job with the Sydney office of the Voice of the Martyrs... many, many years ago. I also have friends who have worked with this charity.

Voice of the Martyrs does such important work, heartbreaking, gutwrenching work. Work that I am not strong enough for. Just reading their newsletter breaks my heart (hence my on again, off again subscription to their newsletter)

There are many ways to give to the Voice of the Martyrs:

PRAY!!!! There is a prayer newsletter, so you know what specifically what to pray for

Give, you can give specifically to causes that mean a lot to you i.e. medical aid or bibles

Become an advocate - now this one is new to me, you write a letter to a persecuted Christian, and pray for him/her and those letters send a message to the governments and officials that what they do to Christians isn't unwitnessed and that Christians are aware of our persecuted bretheren.

I am trying to work out what to write as an advocate, what can you say? I will pray for the right words to write, and for Alimujiang Yimiti (this month's focus)

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