Sunday, November 7, 2010

30 days of Giving - at church

30-Day Giving Challenge

This past Saturday Rona and I went to volunteer in our church's annual Garage Sale (A yard sale to Americans)

We donated 50 books, as well as a few bits and pieces around the house (clothes weren't welcome). We also booked ourselves in to help (Husband was at work).

When we arrived at 10 to 8, people were already trying to buy things (we weren't meant to be open until 8). I was promptly put onto the "bags, linen etc" stall, next to the kids stall. Rona sat in her pram for most of the time (although I did have to hide the pram in the church when I took her out of it, I had about 10 queries about how much my pram would cost to buy).

The coordinator said to "not charge too much, we just want to get rid of things", as the main point of the day was to get people in the community into dialogue with the church.

A secondary mission was to raise money, but as everything was donated, and there were all volunteers working, so there were no overheads to deal with.

I ended up selling most items for $0.50 each, handbags, sheets etc, all $0.50, which I thought was a great deal. We were very popular for that reason :)

My mum was in the kid's stall, helping, so we overlapped that section. We sold about 4 prams (NOT mine!), and it was really great, as one lady we sold a pram to, hers was ripped and falling apart, and she got a good quality pram for $3 (we tried to sell it to her for $0.20, but she insisted.... it was about 1hr from closing time and we were just trying to sell as much as possible as fast a possible).

So, it was a long 6 hours for Rona and I, but it was great to give back to my church and my community!

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