Wednesday, November 24, 2010

30 days of giving - To my husband

30-Day Giving Challenge

Today I wanted to make sure that I gave something to my husband.

So I spent about an hour making a list of things I love about him

Here is the (edited) list

Reasons I love you/what I love about you
  1. You married me

  2. you gave me Rona

  3. You take care of Rona when I need to sleep

  4. You put the bins out every week

  5. You refill my water each night

  6. You listen to me when I talk to you

  7. You think I am funny

  8. You think I am beautiful

  9. You aren't afraid to make decisions

  10. You are great at drumming

  11. You are really good at buying gifts

  12. You go to work every day, even when you don't want to

  13. You pwn n00bs

  14. You are generous with your time and money, to me, to our families and our friends

  15. You love me

  16. You put up with me, even when I am not really loveable

  17. The look in your eyes when you smile at me

  18. I love that you are a geek and I am so very not :)

  19. You reach for my hand in the car and in church

  20. I love the muscles on your arms

  21. I love it when you play soccer

  22. I love when you give me back rubs

  23. I love kissing you

  24. I love how you are slightly grumpy when you wake up in the mornings

  25. You have a great deal of patience

  26. I love that you look after me and Rona

  27. I love waking up next to you

  28. I love how smart you are

  29. I love that you love my family

  30. You are totally trustworthy

  31. I am proud of you

  32. I love to watch you with Rona

  33. I love how you would entertain my do-you-love-me questions everyday

  34. I love that you are chivalrous

  35. I love that we are best friends

  36. I love that we are lovers

  37. I love how safe I feel with you

  38. I love your sense of humour

  39. I love how polite you are

  40. I love how you are a deep thinker

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