Thursday, August 5, 2010

Yet another baby girl

My best friend, Sarah had a baby girl lately. Joan is so very beautiful. She was born one day short of Rona's 3 month birthday.

It is surprising how fast babies grow, I hold Joan and I wonder how my baby grew so very fast.

Sarah had a rough labour/delivery. Her water broke, and 5 hours later she started contractions, 14 hours after that she was 2 cms dilated.
At which point she got an epidural, a couple of hours later she was only 3cms dilated. And a couple of hours after that she had a ceasarian as Joan was trying to come out with her face rather than the crown of her head.

And I thought I had a bad labour :/

But Sarah is recovering well and Joan is none the worse for her dramatic entrance to the world.

What a joy to see my best friend with her baby girl.

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