Monday, August 2, 2010


Rona is growing at such a fast rate. I cannot believe that only a couple of months ago I was still pregnant. She is a joy to be with.

I admit she has her moments, on occasion, but she is such an easy going baby. She has inherited her father's temperament, thank goodness.

She is smiling all the time now, laughing a lot (which is so much fun to hear) and looks around a room for me if I am not directly in her line of sight. I am reading What to Expect The First Year
it is helpful to let me know what milestones she should be up to and how to deal with any problems that generally comes up.

Another great book to read is Baby Love which is a comprehensive guide to pretty much everything I have come up against, and much much more.

I am loving getting to spend time with her, I am so blessed that Husband supports me in being a Stay At Home Mum.

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