Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Well, Rona had to get her needles for immunisation yesterday. She has had a temperature since.... last night I ended up sleeping in the same bed as her, as I was so worried. I know it is normal to have a temperature after immunisations, but this time it was worse than last time.

She didn't sleep too well last night, and so neither did I, but she is sleeping lots during the day, she cannot cope with staying awake so much as she usually does during the day.

She hates the taste of baby panadol too, which doesn't help. But she is slowly on the mend.

I believe strongly in immunisation, part of working in healthcare, I suppose. It drives me crazy when people say that they cannot see the point of getting their child immunised. Obviously they have never seen children suffering from measles, rubella, whooping cough and many other diseases that medicine has enabled us to reduce the risk for.

So, while I am not liking seeing Rona not well, I prefer a short term temperature to a devastating disease.

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