Monday, August 23, 2010

I threw a tantrum

I admit, I am not very mature sometimes....

I was overtired and told Husband that I needed a break from caring for Rona on Sunday, then Husband went to play Starcraft II on the computer. Rona was tired and cranky and would not sleep. I was frustrated so I went for a drive with Rona and ended up at my parent's house for 2 hours. Rona did end up sleeping for about 30 minutes.

I stayed at my parents for so long as I was cranky at Husband for playing on the computer while Rona was cranky. I also stayed away so long because I knew I would calm down when I had had a break, and my parents are always happy to play with Rona, no matter what her mood is.

I pray that I will become a better wife and mother, God is slowly stretching my limits for patience.

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