Tuesday, March 23, 2010

GP shared care in Pregnancy

Throughout this pregnancy I have been on what is called "Shared Care". It is where I see me local GP for most visits and then see the midwives or OBs in hospital for certain milestones/checkups.

My local GP is a wonderful lady, she has been so supportive throughout my depression, fertility struggles and difficult pregnancy. While I haven't had the more serious complications that pregnant women can have, hyperemesis is enough for me.

I have been visiting the public hospital's Antenatal/Postnatal clinic for the 18, 26 and 36 week checkups. They have also been great, supportive and are happy answering any and all of my questions.

I am so very glad that it is all covered by Medicare, as will be my hospital stay and after care. While Australia's health system has many problems, I think that this is something that they have gotten right.

I did have to pay $150 for antenatal classes, where the midwives went through labour, pain medications, complications related to labour and birth, as well as what to do with a newborn once it arrives.

As well as having great care, I am also glad that the midwives are very supportive of "alternative" birthing positions (ones where the mother doesn't have to be on her back) and bonding before medical checks (as long as the baby is healthy).

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