Saturday, August 1, 2009

What I am watching right now

At the moment I am watching Jane Eyre.

It is a mini series by the BBC, and it is the closest Jane Eyre to the original book. I adore Toby Stephens as Mr Rochester, and Ruth Wilson as Jane Eyre. It is a very good adaptation. I do adore the original book, I have read it so many times, and enjoy it not only because of the characters, but also because of the theology in it.

Jane Eyre leaves the man she loves when she discovers he is already married, albiet to a "lunatic" who tries to kill him. Many characters, and people would reach for happiness and run away with Mr Rochester and live in sin. But, as Jane herself points out, is wrong, God says that adultery is wrong. No matter what the world says, it can never be right to do so.

So Jane runs away from temptation, and eventually, does come to happiness after Mr Rochester's wife dies. But I love Jane's faith all through the book, not just in regards to Mr Rochester, her steadfast faith makes her character richer and more vibrant than it would be otherwise.

But I do enjoy the story too.

Husband doesn't like it, mainly because he does not wish to watch it. :)

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