Friday, August 21, 2009


I really don't see the point of alcohol, it has absolutely no appeal for me at all. Husband enjoys a drink every now and then, but for me, it has no appeal.

I don't like the taste, or he it makes me feel (like poison would... or at least that it what I think it feels like).

But I know that people do enjoy it. I don't mind for people around me to drink (but not get drunk). Except for one person, a friend who is a recovering alcoholic. He has started drinking socially again, but excessively or feeding his addiction as far as I can tell. I pray that he does not fall back into his old ways. I trust him, but I am still nervous that he will suffer for restarting the drinking.

I was thinking this today as I was cleaning out our cupboards, we have all of 3 bottles of wine, and one of a liqueur. We are taking the "sparking white" for a Father's day celebration and we still have more alcohol than we will use in 2 years.... oh well, just a thought

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