Monday, August 10, 2009

Gaming Widow

Yes, I admit, I am a gaming widow.

Husband is a gamer, and makes video games for his job. It is not unusual for Husband to play for at least 8 hours on the weekend and at least 2 hours every night.

So that means that I am learning lots about games by default.

At the moment, Husband is playing Dead Space which is a rather gory game, but you get that. He plays a lot of games that I would rather he didn't due to the body count, but I have found that I need to trust him.

I am not his mother, to dictate to him what he should or should not watch/play. I am his wife. If I say that I really object to something he listens (which is why he didn't get Dead Space when it was a new release.

But being married is a compromise, and I have found by not acting like a mother to Husband, I have his respect and we can work out any disagreements about appropriate games.

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