Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My grocery challenge

I made it, I bought what we needed for the week, and spent exactly $20.

I bought:
5 bananas
1 nectarine
some grapes
6L of milk
4L of juice
1 loaf of bread

I think that was it.
Thank goodness for my freezer, it had enough food for dinners for the week (and I still have more).

The week's dinners were as follows -
Monday - Sticky Sausages, potato and vegetables
Tuesday -Left overs (Husband has soccer practice, so we eat small meals on Tuesday nights)
Wednesday - Beef pie and vegetables
Thursday - Beef and Black Bean stir fry
Friday - Chicken Schnizel, potatoes and vegetables
Saturday - Sweet and sour chicken stir fry
Sunday - beef stroganoff

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