Tuesday, March 13, 2012

How we lived then by Norman Longmate

How we lived then by Norman Longmate is one of my favourite books

This is a book about civilian life in Britian during WWII. Norman Longmate compiled the stories of hundreds, if not thousands, of people into a logical, highly readable format.

This book is wonderful in that it shows us how very brave, stoic and determined the British people were in living day-to-day during the war, especially during The Blitz. They quietly made so many sacrifices to save their nation during the war.The English population was full of heroes in terrifying times.

I love day to day history books (how "normal" people lived). This is the ultimate book of these.

I have read it many times, my copy of the book is starting to fall apart. (Okay, maybe I am a bit of a history buff)

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