Friday, March 9, 2012

A day in the life

I was thinking recently, why do I never seem to have time for anything...
Then I looked at what I do in a day
Here was a day recently.

4:39am - Rona wakes, I resettle her
7am - Rona wakes, Husbands alarm goes off. I get Rona while Husband gets me some headache tablets.
7:15 - Breakfast, get dressed, get Rona breakfast, Rona dressed and ready for the day
8am - Leave house
8:10 - arrive at Mum's
8:15 - Pick up Mum, drive to Rebecca's house
8:27 - Arrive at Rebecca's house
8:45 - Leave Mum at Rebecca's house, take Ruth and Samuel (neice and nephew) to school
9:00 - Get Ruth and Samuel to school, go into school hall
9:10-10:15 - Attend school assembly (as Rebecca was unable to attend)
10:15 - back in car
10:25 - Arrive at shops, run errands
10:45 - go to library
11:45 - get back in car
12 - Arrive at Mum's, drop Rona off
12:15 - short grocery shop
12:35 - back home
While home - 2 loads of laundry, washed, dried, put away, weeks worth of ironing,  vacuumed, washed floors, cleaned bathroom, cleaned toilet, rang around to find somewhere to sharpen my scissors, paid bills, did some preparation for dinners, processed some onions and carrots to freeze, ate lunch, sewed the binding on the quilt I just finished, checked emails
4pm - left to pick up Rona
5pm - back home, played with Rona
5:45 - Get Rona ready for bed
6:15 - Put dinner on, tidy lounge room
6:30 - check emails, make stainless steel straws (will blog on this later), eat dinner
7:00 - Rona woke up, resettle her
7:15 - start washing dishes and tidying kitchen
7:40 - Husband home,  he eats dinner.
7:50 - wash more dishes
7:55 - Sew 2 cloth books (about 60% done)
8:30 - sit down, surf internet
9 - finish cleaning kitchen and washing dishes
9:30 - read book
10 - bed

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