Friday, January 20, 2012

New Monkisee DVD

I recently received the new Monkisee DVD for review
I was so excited to receive it, and so was Rona.
So excited in fact, I had to put the DVD on as soon as we received it, and watch it twice in a row :)

I love it, I enjoyed it even more than the Action Words DVD we own.

I love the songs, there are new girls helping to present and Rona loves Skip and Howie the monkeys.
The words were clear and relevant, presented in a fun way.

I love that it contained words that Rona already knows (because she is 21 months) as well as new words to learn.

These dvds are perfect for your kids to watch when you have to cook dinner/ clean the house as they are only 30 minutes long. 
There is a catchy theme song that your kids will be singing along. 

A fabulous DVD that will be watched many times more :)
Rona LOVES this DVD!

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