Monday, September 5, 2011

Personhood of the Traveling Grape Soda - Travelling with Soda

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I finally had the chance to go "travelling" with my Grape Soda. I was trying to think of places to go that are famous, or relatively so.

My first try was to go to the Nepean Belle, a paddle boat that gives people tours of the Nepean River, near to where I live.

The photo was meant to look like this:
And instead, it looked like this:
The boat had left for the day when we went to see it :(

So, then we went to the Sydney International Regatta Centre, which, if you watched the Sydney 2000 Olympics, you may remember.

And here is Rona at the Regatta Centre with the Grape Soda!


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  1. I simply love it! and little rona is adorable. you're the best.