Sunday, August 14, 2011

Time is getting away from me

At the moment, I am running around like crazy, with barely any time to think about writing, let alone writing in this blog.

Rona is keeping me very busy at the moment, she has just turned 16 months, and is a very active toddler!
So I will leave you with some photos, and keep trying to make time to make this blog interesting :)

Rona got into the pantry the other day.... I am still finding hundreds and thousands everywhere!

Photobucket Rona has well and truly gotten the hang of building blocks, I mean, what 16 month old can build a 9 block tower without assistance?
Rona has well and truly gotten the hang of building blocks, a 9 block tower without assistance :)

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  1. i think your blog is interesting. you share unique and interesting things and your baby is a doll!

    Also, I was wondering if you might participate in my grape soda project. Since you live somewhere exotic (to me and my mainly US audience), I was hoping you might help me and I think it would be a fun excursion for you and your girl. You could even write about it! I am posting the link to the post that explains it all and instructions for how to get me the photo(s)is in the comments on that post--

    hope you can help!