Sunday, August 28, 2011

Breastfeeding - an apologetic

I found this fabulous article on breastfeeding, all about the myths that people perpetuate when they talk to people who breastfeed their babies.

I am still breastfeeding Rona, who is 16 months old. Many people have been vocal that I should wean Rona, and should have done so many months ago.

The most vocal are my parents in law. My Mother in law only breastfed her children 4 months each (so technically I have breastfed my one child the length of time she fed all 4 boys).
My father in law says that it will help Rona's independence (totally untrue, but that is a whole other issue). And my mother in law just hated breastfeeding and thinks that people shouldn't do it for long at all.

Others have mentioned that I should wean her, but the judgement of my in laws is particularly harsh.

Husband says that it is totally up to me, how long I breastfeed Rona or any other children we may have.

Personally, I love breastfeeding. We had a nightmare of a time the first couple of weeks, I ended up with bleeding and scabbing, but once that healed, it has been fantastic. I love the bonding, the quiet time I get, and also I just love it.

Does anyone else have any stories (good or bad) about breastfeeding?

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