Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My birthday project

I found this blog post and this website

So I decided to participate, for my 29th birthday :) I have worked on it for a week, what a celebration!

Here is the list of what I did
*Made the time to make some doll nappies for Rona
*Helped Rebecca with things around the house, as she is 7 months pregnant
*Took dinner to a church family who is struggling
*Took some food to a charity
*Took a cake to my old workplace
*Sent a voucher to another church family.
*Sent a letter to a friend who is having family issues
*Send an encouraging letter to a friend who has a child with health issues
*Sent 8 new books to a charity who works with teens
*Donated some old linens to a charity shop
*Donated a formal dress to a charity (it is formal [prom] time coming up)
*Put stamps on a letter box with a note that people should use them
*Wrote to the police, firemen, ambulance officers and army.
*Helped a church family with their laundry
* Made a donation of items to the church garage sale
*Called Mother In Law to check up
*Wrote a card to Husband to thank him for all he does
*Wrote an encouraging card to my minister's wife

*Donated to Embrace (a worthy cause, have a look)
*Wrote an extra letter to my sponsor child, Axel
* Wrote a card to my Nana, with a picture drawn by Rona
* Was extra nice to my little girl neighbour who can be annoying and I don't always have extra time for
*Commented on more blogs than I usually do
*Put cards on random cards to encourage people
*Returned trolleys back to the trolley return
*Started writing in a family history book for Mum
*Made extra time for Rona

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